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PCAK First Aid & Disaster Management Training at the Shimo la Tewa Borstal Institute in Shanzu on 20th July 2019 was organised for the 25 Centre Officers and 50 Young Inmates under the supervision of the Institute head Mr. Omondi and trained by Mr. Paul of St John Mombasa.  The Inmates (Boys) will be released in the next few months at the end of their probation time and they will be good trained resources in our Society. The Centre Police / Prison Officers were also empowered with the knowledge and were trained hand in hand with the Boys creating a good bond amongst them. Imagine a Inmate treating a Officer for First Aid for a bleeding issue or injury then being taken to the Hospital for further treatment...Thats Life Saving!!! The Institute Superintendent Mr. Omondi thanked the Training Facilitator Mr. Reishi Arun Parikh of PCAK for organising such a value adding training and requested for more such trainings every 4 to 6 months. He thanked PCAK for enhancing the concept of Criminology in our Society and wished the Association the best in the future. He liked the PCAK Tagline "Crime Must Fall" and encouraged the Inmates to emulate the training today and mentioned that the Institute was a Safer place today after the Training. The training was also benfited by the Team from Angels on Earth led by Board Member Mrs. Rooke. The program concluded with a word of prayer.

MaDaFu Outlets in Kenya

> Ashapura Sweet Mart (Kirima Shopping, 5th
> Bajrang (Sky Mall)
> Cake Ville (Amani Plaza, 3rd Parklands)
> Frenchmaid (Kirima Shopping, 5th Parklands)
> Kumar Brothers (Diamond Plaza)
> One Stop Ration Store (3rd Parklands)
Industrial Area:
> Bunny Industries Limited (Dakar Road)
> Tradecon (Dar es Salaam Road)

> Cake Ville (South C Shopping Centre)

> Creative Concepts (opp. T - Mall, next to Shell
   Petrol Station)

Village Market:
> Jit Gems

> Hyrax General Supplies (Biashara Avenue

> Eazy Phonz and Photos Ltd (Uganda Road)
Kenia Jalaram Ltd Ketan

> Blueroom, Cinemax, Abson Motors, Yaris Institute,
   Hakimi Stationers, Vijay Optica, City Mall Noor

More outlets coming soon and shall be communicated. If you wish to be part of the MaDaFu Newspaper Distribution network, kindly contact us.

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Yaris Institute Mombasa
Newly Registered Students for the ABMA Computer Engineering Course at Yaris Institute Mombasa receiving their Branded Goodies of Pens, Flash Disks, Bags etc from ABMA UK. Congratulations and All the Best!



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